We produce corporate, promotional and documentary videos, as well as covering events and all other audiovisual mediums that require filming, editing and video post production.

From scriptwriting to post production, our audiovisual end-products are backed by our industry knowledge, expertise and appropriate use of the media, to achieve the best results for our clients.   As such, our team is formed by a tight-knit group of top professionals who are 100% committed to delivering a top quality product.

We use the latest filming equipment and video editing software, to ensure the superlative quality of our work.

Other services we provide include; filming and editing for news broadcasters, social reportage, video streaming and video clips.


A corporate video is an eye-catching way of marketing your services or brand, highlighting your values, your company philosophy and any aspect that distinguishes you from the competition. In Homovidens we know how to communicate those values through the video.


A promotional video  focuses on show-casing a product in its best light, with an emphasis on demonstrating its particular qualities and advantages, in order to raise awareness and boost sales. A good promotional video is one that enchants with its aesthetics.


Video reportage is a genre in which a service or an activity is promoted using a narrative approach, while still being informative. A business event, a congress, a news, an interview or a simple testimony can be an effective marketing tool.


A documentary video sets out to reflect the reality of  a given situation of interest,   from the point of view of the makers. Homovidens puts the necessary research and audiovisual techniques to make these facts or stories come to life through a video.


Video streaming is the continuous broadcast of an event via the internet which allows viewers to follow it live and interact with the same. In Homovidens we have the necessary technology for the live broadcast of any event.



We provide news broadcast support to local, national and international news broadcasters. We collaborate with advertising and news agencies who trust in the quality and effectiveness of our services.


We also provide social reportage with our video and photography services at all types of social events and functions, including  conferences, weddings, company events, sports events, etc.


A video clip is a short video offering a visual interpretation of a song, comprising a series of unrelated shots that capture its essence. Each production and style is different and Homovidens knows with what means and with whom to count to guarantee an attractive and impact video.

TV Programmes

We conceive and produce TV programmes for television outlets, in which our imagination and experience guarantee their success. The programs produced entirely by Homovidens Audiovisual Production have been broadcast on television networks in the US, England, Spain and Portugal, among others.